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Projekt Prevolution

LP Road2Revolution


1. One Step Closer
2. From The Inside
3. No More Sorrow
(Wake 2.0 – only on DVD)
4. Given Up
5. Lying From You
6. Hands Held High
7. Leave Out All The Rest
8. Numb
9. The Little Things Give You Away
10. Breaking The Habit
11. Shadow Of The Day
12. Crawling
13. In The End
14. Pushing Me Away
15. What I’ve Done
16. Numb / Encore
17. Jigga What / Faint
18. Bleed It Out

ถ้า ดู DVD ไปจนถึง ending credit แล้วก็จะเจอข้อความ “Thanks for watching. You have unlocked new content!” แล้วก็จะเจอโบนัสอีก 3 เพลง

Bonus Tracks: (only on DVD)

Somewhere I Belong
Points Of Authority

ที่มา :, LPTimes

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